Take Charge of Your Icy Sidewalks TODAY! Work Smarter, NOT Harder! Purchase Sidewalk Brine!

Highly Effective on ICE

Sidewalk Brine’s proprietary formula is liquid so there is complete, barrier-like coverage over hard surfaces making it highly effective on blocking ice from forming. Brine Before the Storm and ice never adheres to your sidewalk or driveway. Rock salt bounces away and only partially protects.

Easy to Use Solution

Sidewalk Brine’s easy to use solution is applied with simple pump and spray and makes the whole snow removal process more manageable.

Safe for the Environment

Sidewalk Brine is safe for the environment, pet-friendly, and tracks no salty footprints in your home. Our formula is free of chemicals and does not damage lawns. Your pets’ feet will stay clean and unhurt from pointy, chunky salt.

Prevent Accidents Reduce slips and falls around your home!

Keep your family and friends safe and prevent accidents with effective ice and snow removal! Save yourself the drama of an insurance incident, as well: besides auto accidents, the highest number of lawsuits are the result of negligent winter maintenance Slip-and-Fall claims.

  • Steps are no longer treacherous
  • Never slide down your driveway again
  • Be the neighborhood champion of side walk safety

Apply Sidewalk Brine Easily! Simply spray on to create a barrier!

For years, brine has been used to keep roads safer; we are thrilled to offer our proprietary blend Sidewalk Brine formula to residences! Sidewalk Brine is available in multiple sizes to suit your home’s snow removal needs. Guaranteed to never track salty footprints in your home!

  • 1 gallon of brine will cover 800-1000sq ft
  • 5 gallons will cover up to 5,000 sq ft
  • Liquid brine is safe: it won’t damage your lawn and is pet friendly

Reduce Shoveling and Scraping Remove ice instantly with minimal effort!

Make more time for yourself, your family, and snow day enjoyment; reduce shoveling and scraping with Sidewalk Brine and work smarter, not harder.

  • Use less product more effectively! Reduce salt application by up to 75%
  • Sidewalk Brine forms a surface barrier so ice can be removed easily
  • Save your back from another day of shoveling and heavy lifting

More About Sidewalk Brine The most effective Anti-Ice solution available to homeowners!

The Secret Weapon Against Ice

Sidewalk Brine is the latest advancement in ice melting. The product is a simple solution that homeowners can use to treat sidewalks, driveways, walkways and paths. It’s the first product to be available to residents.

Similar to traditional rock salt, brine can melt ice at temperatures as low as -6°F (-21°C). And it beats salt in another respect: Prewetting with this substance prevents snow and ice from bonding with pavement, making the ice easier to chip off and remove.

The product is similar to what commercial companies and townships use to treat their icy surfaces in winter. You’ve probably seen brine truck in your location spraying roadways in advance of a winter storm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sidewalk Brine

How do I purchase Sidewalk Brine?

Check out our shop for a wide variety of residential brine products. Want to take your snow removal company or municipality to the next level? Outfit them today with RoadBrine

How long does it take to work?

The key to Sidewalk Brine is to Brine Before the Storm! If you apply 1 – 2 layers of Sidewalk Brine before it starts snowing, the protective barrier immediately forms and starts protecting your property from snow and ice.

What’s the best way to apply it?

A simple hand pump is the best way to apply Sidewalk Brine. We recommend this one from Amazon ______

Is Sidewalk Brine safe?

Sidewalk Brine is totally safe for the environment and your pets, as well as promotes safety in the property surrounding your home.

Can I purchase larger quantities?

We are serious about supplying brine in any quantity to ensure the well-being of everyone’s home and community. Check out RoadBrine.com for more about our commercial brine production options.

Why don’t more people use Sidewalk Brine

Sidewalk Brine is a product that is steadily emerging into residential use after being used commercially for the past decade. Brine has proven itself to be safer for the streets than rock salt and Sidewalk Brine is proud to offer that same level of protection to individuals.

Take Charge of Your Icy Sidewalks TODAY! Work Smarter, NOT Harder! Purchase Sidewalk Brine!